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When your steps in life are ordered by a deliberate intention to evolve in consciousness, you energetically synchronize with your intention. Your visionary powers shift and reveal areas where you may be of service in the world. Rather than offering your love to get something in return, you love without agenda.

Michael Beckwith

What must I do? The question troubled my mind.

So I went to my place of contemplation, a boulder next to moving water.

I appealed to the Great Spirit of Creation, what must I do?

After a while, someone of the animal kingdom came along.

Rabbit with big ears hopped up and sat looking at me saying nothing.

I spoke what do you wish to say? What message do you bring?

Rabbit continued to sit, saying nothing my ears could hear.

My mind did not comprehend.

But then my heart heard silence.

I see, be silent.

Next through my heart, I saw Rabbit’s prominent ears.

Oh yes, listen. Listen to the silence; eventually I began to hear whispers from God.

My heart remembered that Rabbit hopped to me and stopped.

Mmmm, got it! No need to hop from one thing to the other searching. All that I need is within me. Sit still and I shall know.

Rabbit, I realize you did more than bring the answer. You are the answer. Like you, I too am the answer.

I know now what I must do.

Sit still, be silent, listen.





by Eva Tyson

The Crystal Gaze Spiritual Circle


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